25th March 2021

Are you eligible to receive 30 funded hours?



Are you eligible to receive 30 funded hours for your 3 or 4 year old?

Little Ambers Nursery will accept children using funded or non funded hours.

Local authorities have released the criteria for eligible parents to receive the 30 hours funding.

Please check the criteria below to see if you comply.

 To be eligible, you (and your partner if you have one), must either:

  • each expect to earn at least £115 a week or work* more than 16 hours at the National Living Wage, or each expect to earn at least £111 a week or work more than 16 hours at the National Minimum Wage
  • each expect to earn at least £61.92 a week if you’re under 18, £84.80 a week if you’re aged 18 to 20 or £52.80 a week if you’re an apprentice (either under 19 or in the first year of your apprenticeship).

*Work includes employed and self-employed persons.

Further eligibility conditions for you and your partner (if you have one)

  • must live in England
  • expect to have an income of less than £100,000 each a year
  • if unemployed, you and your partner must become employed within 14 days of applying
  • if your child is in reception at school, you can’t get free childcare. Once your child is of compulsory school age, they’re no longer eligible

If you don’t have a partner then all the conditions above just apply to you.

Circumstances where you may still be eligible:

You can still apply for 30 hours funded childcare if you or your partner are:

  • taking paid time off work, such as maternity leave, paternity leave or sick leave
  • temporarily away from England for a period of up to 6 months, such as if you’re in the military (on duty)
  • already getting Universal Credit or tax credits.

You can also still apply for 30 hours funded childcare if either you or your partner are employed or self-employed and one of you gets one or more of the following benefits:

  • contribution-based Employment and Support Allowance
  • Carer’s Allowance
  • Incapacity Benefit or long-term Incapacity Benefit
  • Severe Disablement Allowance
  • National Insurance credits because of incapacity or limited capability for work
  • you’ve been assessed as having limited capability for work for Universal Credit purpose.


How to apply

The Childcare Service System has now gone live for parents with children up to the age of 4. This means that parents wishing to access the 30 hours free childcare entitlement from September, will now be able to apply using the system. Here is a link to the online Childcare Service:

Little Ambers Nursery and the local authority are responsible for verifying eligibility by checking that the parent’s code is valid. Please bring your eligibility code to the Nursery along with your child’s date of birth and the National Insurance Number of the parent who made the application.

Before Little Ambers Nursery verify your code, we will need to get the written consent from you.

Once the eligibility code has been successfully verified we will be able to offer you the 30hrs that you wish for your child.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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