Parents as Partners

At Little Ambers we believe in working closely with parents and involving you as much as possible in your child’s experiences, discoveries and achievements during their time with us.

Every child’s data and observations will be put on to ‘Tapestry’ the online Learning Journal. You will be given a unique passcode for your child’s journal that only you will be able to view. You will be able to see how and what your child has been learning at Nursery and make comments on these.

We also keep a record of each child’s development in the Nursery, this is known as ‘My Learning Journey.’ Your child’s key person will meet with you during your child’s first couple of weeks and fill in this booklet with you. This is a great opportunity for both you and your child’s key person to get to know each other.

Useful links for parents:


Bournemouth Early Education Funding

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Parents’ Information

Favourite Rhymes

The Big Ship Sails On The Ally Ally Oh The big ship sails on the ally ally oh, The alley ally oh, The alley ally oh. The big ship sails on the ally ally oh, On the last day of September.