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Our Facilities

Our Nursery room
This is our main Nursery room, where the children are welcomed in by members of staff at the start of each session. There are different areas within the main room; we have a construction area where the children enjoy building and using their imagination to make their own toys e.g. some Lego for a car.

There is a small world area for children to create their own worlds such as ‘dinosaur world’ or set up dolls houses from their own experiences.

We have a quiet area in our book corner so children can learn through books, looking at them independently or through Storytime with adults.

Our role play area continuously changes themes so children engage in different imagination and first hand based role play.

There is a Maths area that is set up to encourage the children to become competent in this area of learning.

The children freely move around choosing how they want to play through child initiated learning, at the end of their play they are encouraged to tidy away.

la-messyMessy room
The Messy Room is an extra provision to our Nursery where the children learn through creativity. There are lots of different resources for them to explore, these include; painting on easels, sensory materials e.g. shaving foam, gloop, porridge oats, jelly, sand and water. The children enjoy discovering and choosing materials and activities to join in with. Children are able to move freely around the rooms, with the supervision of an adult, letting them learn at their own pace and ability.

Our cloakroom and one to one room
Just off the main Nursery room is our cloakroom. This is where the children’s belongings are stored. At the start of the session the children will come and hang their coats and bags and collect them at the end of the day. The room is also used for Keyworker groups and any one-to-one work with the children. This room is also used for our parents as part of the parent partnership, parents are welcome to come in here to speak to a member of staff or fill required paperwork in if they need some assistance.
The children in Nursery visit the School Library twice a week.

la-ictThe children can also use the computer in the school ICT Suite twice a week.

The Nursery have access to all the outdoor areas in the school, as well as the Nursery playground which is soon to be re-developed.

Our Nursery

Favourite Rhymes

The Big Ship Sails On The Ally Ally Oh The big ship sails on the ally ally oh, The alley ally oh, The alley ally oh. The big ship sails on the ally ally oh, On the last day of September.