23rd October 2016

Free Hot Meals


Did you know that we provide free hot meals to all our children at Little Ambers?knife-and-fork

We really believe that meal times are so important. They provide a great time for all the children to sit together nicely around a table and practice using their cutlery and napkins and they all really enjoy it! Plus you’d be surprised how many of them try new foods and flavours when in a group of their friends.

We very lucky to have ‘Chef David’ cooking for us from the Kings Park Academy. He always cooks us something nutritious and scrummy, such as spaghetti bolognaise, sausage and mash or roast dinner, there’s always a vegetation option and of course, our favourite – dessert!

Not only are we providing childcare and lots of interesting and stimulating learning experiences, but also you can be sure your child will be getting a hot, healthy meal every day.