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Ambitions Academies Trust Ambitions Academies Trust comprises six Academies located over eight sites

Tregonwell Academy consists of Petersfield Campus, Nigel Bowes Campus and Throop Learning Centre. Tregonwell Academy was the first school in the Trust to become an Academy.

Tregonwell Academy, formerly Bicknell School, started life in 1968 as a residential school for boys who had a statement of special educational needs for behavioural, emotional and social difficulties. The school was located on the present Petersfield Campus.

In 2010 the school starting working with the Local Authority and was asked to support and run the Pupil Referral Unit, now known as Nigel Bowes Campus and Throop Learning Centre. The Pupil Referral Unit caters for pupils who have been excluded from mainstream school on either a temporary or permanent basis. It also caters for pupils with medical conditions.

The Nigel Bowes Campus, based in Ensbury Park, Bournemouth was re-built in 2007. Once the re-build was completed at Nigel Bowes, provision became available at Throop Learning Centre which was also offered to Tregonwell Academy. As a consequence of this Tregonwell Academy was able to develop the provision to better meet the needs of these vulnerable pupils. Nigel Bowes catered for the excluded pupils whilst Throop Learning Centre was able to provide for those with medical needs.

The Executive Head Teacher, now CEO of the Trust, became a National Leader of Education in 2007 and as a result of this Tregonwell Academy also became a National Support School.

Today, Tregonwell Academy as a whole, provides for statemented pupils with Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties; the Alternative Provision; Pupil Placement Service; and support to mainstream schools and other academies through CPD, leadership, behaviour management and safeguarding training.

Queen’s Park Academy, located in East Way, Bournemouth was re-built in 2002 and catered for mainstream pupils aged 7-11 years. Queen’s Park Academy joined with Tregonwell Academy to form the Tregonwell Multi-Academy Trust in October 2012.

Despite being in special measures when Queen’s Park Junior School joined the Trust it gained outstanding status from Ofsted in June 2014.

Longspee Special School is located in Canford Heath, Poole and joined the Trust in September 2013. Longspee Academy caters for primary children who have been statemented with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties.

Longspee Academy was rated outstanding by Ofsted in March 2016.

King’s Park Academy is located in Ashley Road, Bournemouth and caters for mainstream primary education for pupils aged from 4-11 years. King’s Park Academy provide education to children mainly from the local area of Boscombe and Littledown.

Manorside Academy is located in Evering Avenue, Parkstone and joined the Trust in April 2015.  The academy is a two-form entry school and caters for mainstream primary education for pupils aged from 4-11 years, mainly from the local area of Alderney and Parkstone.

St Aldhelm’s Academy is situated in Herbert Avenue and following a transition process, joined the Trust in June 2015.  The academy is an all ability school offering places to boys and girls aged between 11-16 years from the local area of Wallisdown and Parkstone.

St Aldhelm’s Academy are the newest members of the Ambitions Academies Trust and were rated good by Ofsted in March 2016.

Ambitions Teaching School – In March 2014 Tregonwell Academy was designated as a Teaching School. Teaching Schools working with partner members of their alliance play a fundamental role in providing and developing support to other schools through:

  • initial teacher training
  • continuing professional development
  • succession planning and talent management
  • provide support for other schools
  • designate and broker specialist leaders of education (SLEs)
  • engage in research and development.


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